Sunday, November 29, 2009


My dog showing off his jumping skills, notice how the other dogs don't seem to care at all?

Thursday, November 26, 2009

How to Entertain your Dog, water fetch

Perhaps the only thing in the world that my dog likes more than fetch, is playing fetch in water! Even better playing fetch in a river. Here are some recent photos from our time in Montana. Another friend of mine took a photo of him playing fetch and even got it published but of course I can't seem to find it now.

Dog Photo Shoot

Another shot from another photo-shoot. It's not easy being a famous dog.

Travel Trailer Photo Shoot

My friend and Beacon Hill neighbor Leslie Howells shot this wonderful set of photos for us. This was for a magazine article but Rhubarb is featured in many of the shots.

It looks like we are out in the country, but this was actually taken just south of the Jefferson Park Golf Course in the green belt along Cheasty Boulevard.

How to Entertain your Dog, Bonsai Safari

We live in the Beacon Hill neighborhood of Seattle with a lot of exotic, well groomed shrubbery. I wanted a better idea what my neighborhood was like so my dog and I set off on an all day hike around the neighborhood on an urban Bonsai Safari.

You can read more about Behi Bonsai here.

How to Entertain your Dog, Favorite Toy

This is my dogs favorite toy, he is very protective of it. What else can I say?

How to Entertain your Dog, Going for a Drive

To tell you the truth, my dog does not actually like getting in the car that much, but he does like where we end up going (usually to the dog park or a friends house).

The music in this video is by my brothers punk rock band "12 Pack of DOOM" and the song is "I can't stand what's on the radio"

Remember safety first, my dog has his own seat harness and my truck has the ability to turn off the airbag.

How to Entertain your Dog, Peanut Butter

Do all dogs love peanut butter? Mine sure does!

Again I would only do this with close adult supervision, I would worry about a dog eating the plastic if he got too carried away.

People tell me that I shoot my videos from odd angles and edit them weird. Too much art school I guess.

How to Entertain your Dog, playing with the vacuum

Usually my dog jumps at the vacuum. Of course the day that I tied my video camera to the vacuum to try and film this, he suddenly gets shy and I have to chase him around with it. It's still kind of funny video.

No dogs or people or vacuums were harmed in the making of this video.

How to Entertain your Dog, Fetch

We shot this recently in Seattle's Jefferson Park near our house on Beacon Hill.

Truthfully we play fetch almost every day. Rhubarb lives for fetch. He would rather play fetch than almost anything including eating. I try to come up with new ways to make fetch more interesting, we even play at night with a glowy ball.